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Revisions and snack food

July 19, 2010

When I’m deep in writing mode, I can skip meals and not even know it. I don’t want to tear myself away from the keyboard. And then comes revision time. Reading and re-reading until my eyes glaze over, fretting over each. little. word. Something about the process says, “Eat! This is hard work!” Our little dog, Chloe, stands at the ready…for it’s hard work for her, too, seeing me through the revision stage…and she should be justly rewarded!

I love Cheetos!

Just one more, please?


My favorite guilty pleasures? Nutty bars. Cheetos. Red licorice. Snapple tea (love the new Compassionberry). Dill Pickle Cashews. Yum!

The snackfest will hopefully end soon…I am tantalizingly close to being ready to query agents with my MG novel! Yay!


From → On Writing

  1. Cashews (the regular kind, huge and salty) do it for me. I’m trying to train myself to substitute bananas and apples, however.

  2. Hah! Me too, Anne. Fruit should be the ultimate writer snack: all that sugary yumminess. But somehow I find myself going for the chocolate instead.

    Jessica, I love how your puppy knows you’re revising! =)

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