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Why didn’t I think of that? (aka: The EASY way to snag an agent)

September 16, 2010

Maybe I’m going about this all wrong…reading, writing, revising, querying…

I was browsing Craigslist today and came across this post title (altered ever-so-slightly–genre omitted– to protect the woefully misguided):

Agent for New _______ Book Wanted

Paraphrasing here, but the ad went on to explain that this writer has been working on said book for almost a decade and is now ready for an agent to “get it to a publisher”, make sure the book isn’t “ripped apart” and that writer gets his/her “fair share” of the profits from the publisher. Interested agents can contact the writer, make plans to meet (in person, of course), and then it can be decided if you’re “willing to take a chance on this book opportunity”…if you meet the criteria of having editing/publishing/agent-type experience.

(Interested agents, feel free to contact me and I’ll direct you to the ad, in its entirety…unless you’ve already come across it yourself, in your daily want ads search for clients. Please be patient…I’ll get back to you in the order your request is received 😉 )

There were also several want ads placed by people who had a…drumroll please…”great idea”…and would like to partner with someone who could turn it into a book. 50/50 split on those profits. Writers, check your local CL for more tantalizing offers like these. Sorry, couldn’t resist a bit of snark today!

How would your Agent Wanted post read? All in fun, of course! How about this?:

Wanted: Agent with lots of experience and a great personality who can get top dollar for my manuscript from a Big Publishing House. Movie deal would be nice. Manuscript is fine, as-is, so should be easy to sell, with no editorial changes required. Would like to move quickly on this and see it in book form by 2011 and on the big screen by 2013. I have other dazzling manuscripts as well….and I make a mean chicken spaghetti, so let’s get together soon and go over all the details!


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  1. You started my day with a much needed belly laugh 🙂 If only agents were that desperate for new clients and publishers for new books!

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