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June 4, 2011

So, what’s new? Well…I’m making headway with my verse novel, which is turning out to be quite a labor of love. Is it crazy for your own freakin’ story to make you cry? I’m so caught up in these characters. But that’s a good thing. They’re very real to me. I wrote the first few verses years ago, not knowing what it would be, just hearing the main character’s voice, words tumbling out of her like ice cubes down an aluminum slide in August. I was brave enough to let my librarian friend read it—the first sample of my writing I’d ever asked her to read—and I’ll never forget her excitement. I knew I’d come back to it someday, and I’m so glad I did.

It’s very hot and dry here, but that’s nothing new. We’ve had several newborn fawns around the house lately. Their mothers leave them, sometimes all day, while they forage. Instinctively, the fawns know to freeze and hunker down in the grass. My son was thrilled to get so close to one. He could have reached down and pet it, but I thought it best not to let him touch. They’re so precious, I can’t even stay mad at them for eating all of my flowers.


A glass of chocolate milk, and then I’m crawling under the covers, but before I go, I want to pass along some links to recent posts that are oh-so-worthy of your reading time:

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From agent Jennifer Laughran…if you’re wondering which agents on your list to query first, click HERE.

From Roy Peter Clark, author of “Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer,” a quick-reference list of thirty tips to improve your writing….HERE.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. That fawn is adorable! We have a family of deer that lives in the woods behind my house. I love them. We get to watch them and talk to them just about everyday.

  2. JRo permalink

    That fawn is so cute! We had a pair of twin fawns that we found alone in the woods but they weren’t this young – so sweet. How cool for your son!

  3. I sure hope it’s not crazy for your own stories to make you cry! That moment when it hits me that something big is about to happen to my character—that gets me every time. There have been a few scenes I wrote around and avoided as long as I could, because I knew it would be tough to walk with my characters through it.

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