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The words are on the tip of my…

July 11, 2011

tongue  Pen. Or maybe, fingertips. I can’t always find the right words, and my internal “edit” button doesn’t always work when I’m speaking (just ask my family), but I’m a firm believer in open, honest, don’t-let-things-fester, don’t-assume-someone-else-will-say-it, communication. I love email. I love old-fashioned letter writing, when I have the time. I love writing fiction. I love writing, period. I can craft each sentence, finding just the right words–or cutting the wrong ones–re-read and revise until I’m sure it conveys exactly what I intend.  I can vent. I can bring old memories to life. I can rewrite history. I can predict the future. Right wrongs. Heal old wounds. Empathize with others. Voice my opinion…

And never, ever trip over my tongue!


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  1. Yes, writing gives us a sense of control, at least until it comes to submitting! In real life I’m always recalling conversations and thinking of what I could have said—something more clever, more comforting, more funny. In my fiction I can take all the time I want to come up with the perfect line!

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