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Great dogs in the news

August 1, 2011

Loved these two stories in the news…dogs making a difference:

Canine marathon runner raising big bucks for cancer research


Service dog allowed to take the stand in court

In other news…still breaking the 100 degree mark here in central Texas. A good time to stay indoors, but instead, hubby and I have been working on fencing. Did I mention we live in the hill country? Have you ever tried to dig a hole in the Texas hill country? One to two inches of dirt and then you hit solid rock. Even with a skid-steer tractor with a rock-bit tip auger, many of the holes took 30 – 40 minutes to break through all the rock. Then of course, everything falls back in the hole when you pull the auger out. We have about 45 holes drilled that we have to clear out by hand before we can start sinking posts and putting the fence up. What is the fence for, you ask? My mom’s sweet old mare is coming to live with us for her (very) golden years. She turned 32 years old this past spring and my kids had their very first rides on her. She looks great for her age…here’s a picture:

Have a good Monday all….hope you’re staying cool, whatever you’re doing! I plan on spending the rest of the afternoon writing and reading with my 5 year old who is oh-so-anxious to start kindergarten in a few weeks!

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  1. She does look sweet! Still, putting up fence in 100 degree weather sounds horrific. I’d be more than a little cranky – and wishing I was in a cool corner somewhere writing! Good luck with the rest of the project. I hope you get some relief from mother nature soon.

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