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Puppy picture Wednesday

August 3, 2011

If you checked in last week, you might remember I mentioned more puppy cuteness to come…so here you go, my attempt at chasing away the mid-week blahs. How’s this for cute?

Pretty cute, huh? You’re smiling again, right? And just in case you need another fun distraction, spend a few minutes playing virtual LiteBrite here: LiteBrite Online Site (you know you want to play!)

Me? Oh I’ve played already:) Now I’m writing. And revising. Well, trying not to revise while I write, but that’s kind of how I roll. Have a good Wednesday…come back for more distractions soon!


From → On Writing

  1. Aww, those big, dark eyes! Too cute. Oh, and LiteBrite online, never heard of it. I really should get back to writing, but, okay you’ve talked me into it. I’ll check it out. But just for a minute. . .

  2. Hope I didn’t pull you away from your writing for too long:)

  3. What a cutie!

    Must you tell us about another play space on-line, hehe, must go check it out… or should I write, LiteBrite online could get my creative juices flowing. . .

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