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She’s All Ears

August 17, 2011

Writerly, book-loving friends, a few things worth mentioning:

WriteOnCon is going on NOW and you should definitely check it out. It’s a free, online conference where some fantastic authors, agents & editors are hanging out, chatting, running live contests, etc. Even if you don’t have anything ready to submit, you can learn a lot just from reading through the submissions and feedback.

Did you know there is a National Punctuation Day? Yes siree, September 24th. And there’s a contest. With “punctuation goodies” as prizes. Hmmm. Well, here’s the LINK. I want to hear all about those goodies if you win!

Kathryn Stockett (The Help) and Janet Evanovich (the Stephanie Plum novels) are the newest members of the Kindle Million Club. USA Today article here. I loved The Help, and can’t wait to see the movie (soon! I hope!), and my mom is a fan of the Stephanie Plum novels…which I haven’t had a chance to read, since my ever-growing  to-be-read pile is 95% MG/YA. I think The Help is the first adult novel I’ve read all year, actually. And well worth the detour.

I’ll leave you with Wednesday’s picture of puppy perfection…..she’s all ears!


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  1. You’re going to love the movie (The Help). I saw it this weekend and it was amazing. Thanks for the cool links. Punctuation Day sounds intriguing.

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