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Writing a synopsis

September 22, 2011

Just when you think the hard work is done (it never is, is it?!)…you’ve written, revised, polished your novel…you’re ready to write your queries or cover letters and send it out. And then you run across guidelines that ask for a synopsis with your submission.                                 


Take a deep breath and imagine giving your best friend the nutshell version of your story. Think: jacket flap copy that gives the ending away.

Be sure to customize your synopsis according to the preferences of the agent/editor you’re submitting to (If they state preferences, that is. Some want no more than one page, some expect 2 -3). Not all of them ask for a synopsis, but it’s not a bad idea to have one ready, in case…and a synopsis can be a handy tool for gauging the flow and arc of your storyline. Check out the helpful links below to get you started. Good luck! 🙂




Writing the Novel Synopsis by Sheila Kelly blog

Chuck Sambuchino gives great advice, using movies as examples

 Author Mike Wells at The Green Water Blog



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