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Guitars & Paddywhacks

October 18, 2011

Love this guitar…one of several giant, hand painted guitars on display in ABIA. Very cool. Not sure if they are still there…this picture was taken several months ago.

So that takes care of the guitar reference. What about the paddywhacks? What the heck is a paddywhack? You know….“knick, knack, paddywhack, give the dog a bone” ? According to


  1. BRIT., DIALECTAL a rage; temper
  2. INFORMAL a beating or spanking

So, um, that makes me think twice about that cute little kiddie song.

I’m taking a few paddywhacks myself, trying to finish my revisions and keep my thoughts from wandering to my WIP.

BTW, extra points if you got the Guitars & Cadillacs reference. Dwight’s CDs have their own shelf in my collection (yes, I still play CDs…resident teenager took over my ipod a while back and knew how to use it better than I did within 5 nanoseconds).

I hope your week is filled with great music and no paddywhacks. 🙂


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One Comment
  1. I’d hang that guitar on the wall!

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