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Timing is everything

November 10, 2011

A few weeks ago, while driving the kids to school, we saw something pretty amazing. Probably a once in a lifetime sighting: an all white deer.  (I tweeted about it, and a Twitter friend suggested it was my patronus. Love that!)

It was a buck, and a large one, for this area of Texas. I stepped on the brakes, not believing what I was seeing. The kids were asking me, “Is it real?” Of course I didn’t have my camera, and I couldn’t stop for long because we were on a main road, but I’m so glad we were there at just the right moment.

The deer was crossing a small drive that loops around the soccer fields my son practices at. And a little further down that drive, not more than 20 feet from the buck, was a man out on a morning walk. Which would have been really incredible for that man…had he not been walking the other direction, his back to the deer. He was so close to an incredible encounter. Missed it by seconds. If he had set out on his walk a minute earlier, or stopped to tie his shoe, the deer would have crossed right in front of him instead of right behind him.


Timing is everything, isn’t it? We can meet Mister or Misses Right, but if one of us isn’t ready, for whatever reason, it won’t work. We can find a posting for a fantastic job–seemingly written with our specific skill set and career path in mind–only to find the position has *just* been filled. Those of us who write might put the finishing touches on a manuscript we’ve labored long and hard over, finally ready to send it to that editor who had shown interest previously…and find out that editor has *just* retired.






But sometimes it happens the other way, too.

Sometimes we are in the right place, at the right time, with the right person (agent/editor), and the right manuscript. Writers have to believe in that. In the karma of timing…that it will come around…it will be our time one of these days, if we just keep at it.

Because talent, perseverance, and hard work are absolutely essential.

But still, timing is everything, isn’t it?




Keep at it! Your time will come.


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  1. There was some study on successful lives (wonder how those were defined…) that suggested bad luck had more impact n our lives than good luck. I’ve been mulling this over.
    But back to the main event- YOU SAW A WHITE DEER. Wow.

  2. I agree. Timing is important. I am still hoping that one day my query will land on the desk of the perfect agent at just the right time, when the stars are aligned just so. . .

  3. Now I have that Jimmy Jones song GOOD TIMING playing in my brain. It IS a little unnerving to consider how much of what happens in our lives is related to timing. When I think of it relative to the submission process (or finding true love) it’s mind-boggling it ever happens at all.

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