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A Moment of Valentine Mushiness

February 14, 2012

My kids are awesome. Yours too, right? My son is in kindergarten and I was at his class party today when he did something pretty amazing. Imagine twenty 5-or-6-year-olds on a massive sugar high, music playing, wrappers flying, lots of mess and noise…you get the picture. And in one corner, a girl crying.When we were about to leave, my son noticed this friend crying. He gave her a big hug and asked what was wrong. She had received a stuffed animal in the gift exchange that didn’t make her heart pitter-patter like the one she gave away did. He pulled out the teddy bear he had received (and had already named) and offered it to her. The tears stopped immediately. More hugging. As we walked out of the school he told me he would miss his bear, “Red”, but wanted his friend to be happy and have a good Valentine’s Day. Mission accomplished.

Just one of those snapshot moments of a little, everyday kind of thing that made a big difference to someone. He might not remember it for long, but I will. A proud mom moment. He’s got a big heart and a bottomless bucket of *good*, *kind*, & *amazing* to spread around. Score one for the planet.

Mushy-mommy post done:) Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. Well tell your boy he is made of awesome. Red is doing just what he was meant to.

    You must be one proud mom!

  2. Mushy mommy by proxy, that’s me. Lovely gesture from your I-want-to-squeeeeeze-his-cheeks son.

  3. Awwww, such a beautiful story. Your son is a hero. A future gentleman, for sure! 🙂 Best Valentine story I’ve heard in a long time.

    • Yes, a future gentleman, definitely. It helps that he has 2 big sisters…he thinks they hung the moon:)

  4. What a sweet post!
    Hi, Jessica, I’ve just started using Twitter, and you appeared in my ‘inbox’ (no, it’s something else…’timeline’?..), so I just wanted to visit your blog. Nice meeting you!

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