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The thing about writing…

July 11, 2012

Okay, so, three things:

#1  The business of writing is hard work. Hours, days, years of market research, writing, critiquing, being critiqued, revising, rewriting. Over and over again.  After much hard work, a writer sends off the polished manuscript…and then waits. And begins the hard work of writing something new. And waits some more. And after a few minutes, or a few years, hears back. If it’s good news, a period ranging from months to forever plus two days is the accepted norm before fruits-of-labor can be enjoyed. If it’s not good news…well, writers endure rejection after rejection, licking their wounds, sucking it up, learning, working harder still, to perfect their craft.

#2  Writers love to write. Yes, of course they do! No sane person would continue down such a difficult path without a genuine passion for writing. But the goal is to personally connect with others through the writing. To make people laugh, cry, smile, think, question, appreciate, feel inspired. It’s a heart-wrenching, kick-in-the-gut feeling to think this might not happen, despite all the hard work touched on in #1.

#3 Writers are a creative, persistent, brave, resilient bunch. Have you enjoyed a great book lately? Tweet about it, get online and write a nice review, send the author a note. Chances are, he or she endured years of hard work and scores of rejections to be able to write that great book. And high fives fist bumps with explosions to all the writers out there staying the course, working toward sharing their own great books with the world.

I haven’t blogged much recently…working on my YA novel…but I added some new photos here: Distractions

And another distraction… if you haven’t seen the hilarious Sesame Street version of Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe, here you go:


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