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An Agent Worth Waiting For

May 13, 2016

So. It has been eons since I have updated my blog. But, oh, I have been busy writing. I have a freshly revised middle-grade novel, a young adult novel still in progress, and many, many (many!) picture books. And oh, yeah, one more shiny, new, wonderful addition…an agent. MY agent. That sounds just as awesome as I dreamed it might:) I am ecstatic to report that I am now agented by the amazing, witty, wonderful Jessica Schmeidler of Golden Wheat Lit! She gets me. She gets my writing. She believes in me, and is excited to help me get my books out there, in readers’ hands!

I started writing for kids fifteen years ago. Mostly poetry, in the beginning. It took a long time to break into the magazine market. I remember my first Highlights acceptance. I think that’s when I felt I could legitimately call myself a writer (I was wrong, by the way. If you are actively writing and learning and writing some more…you are a writer!) Over the years I was fortunate to have more magazine sales. I joined SCBWI. I worked hard. I kept writing. I frequented Verla Kay’s amazing Blueboard, (which has now merged with SCBWI and is THE message board to hang out at, for anyone writing for children).

I started to have *almosts* with agents. I had R&Rs. I had personal rejections with great feedback. I MADE AMAZING WRITER FRIENDS WHO HELPED ME GROW AS A WRITER. That really does warrant all caps. Being actively involved in crit groups and socializing online with writers at all stages was crucial to getting to this point. Learning to take–and give–constructive criticism, staying abreast of the ins-and-outs of the ever changing KidLit market, and cheering on writer friends each step of the way…these things are all part of the journey. Necessary, life-changing, character-building steps along the path. And I hope to never stop growing as a person, as a writer.





Here I am, on the children’s floor of the beautiful Kansas City Library, signing my author-agent contract…and another shot of the children’s reading area. #LoveThisLibraryIMG_3528

And in front of the 25-foot book spines that line the library’s parking garage


And this is the giant chess board on the rooftop terrace of the library. That’s right, they have a rooftop terrace! I could have spent the entire day in this library, but only had a couple of days in Kansas City. Put it on your library bucket-list! It is truly amazing!







  1. Love this so very much!! Our agent puts a lot of the gold in GLW!

  2. Cathy Ballou Mealey permalink

    Congratulations! And WOW what a library!

  3. I knew this day would come! I am so incredibly proud of you!

    • Thank you, Paulette! Wish I could give you a huge hug right now! Consider yourself bear hugged, okay? xoxo

  4. Congratulations Jess!! I am so happy for you and can’t wait to find your amazing books in bookstores and libraries everywhere!

    Love that library! WOW!

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