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About Me


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The Basics:

I write picture books, middle grade & young adult novels, and some shorter pieces for children’s magazines. I am represented by Jessica Schmeidler at Golden Wheat Lit. I live in the scenic Texas hill country with my handsome hubby and three beautiful, entertaining, idea-sparking children….I love hanging out with kids, animals, nice people, and sometimes just by myself in a comfy reading chair….I would rather not be around scorpions (though they are plentiful here, and hard to avoid), mosquitos (again, tough to avoid), smoke, mean people, or traffic. I have a BA in Psychology from Texas State University. I teach (and learn from) some amazing 3 – 5 year olds in a church based Pre-K program.

When I’m not writing or reading a great book, I love horseback riding, watching movies, and taking pictures. And hanging out on Twitter (way too much!). You can find me there at _Jessica_Shaw.

A few other tidbits (this stuff is more interesting)…

I have:

Led a mounted drill team that performed at rodeos.

Exercised race horses.

Helped deliver several foals…and puppies.

Worked at a vet clinic, and helped care for a jaguar cub, a leopard cub, and a lion cub.

Landed in the hospital with a major concussion and various holes in my arms when a small tornado tore the roof off of a neighboring barn and dropped it on top of me.

While in high school and/or college or thereabouts, I worked as:  A mail carrier, a farrier’s apprentice, and a (less than stellar) waitress. And at a vet clinic. As a horse trainer. And giving riding lessons. And as a nanny. And at a residential treatment center. And as a grader for the English Department at my university. And at a United Cerebral Palsy summer camp in the Catskill Mountains.

I don’t like coffee, but wish I did. [August 2013 update: I did it! I learned to like coffee! Am I a grown-up now? May 2016 update: Gave up coffee. I liked to put too much sugar and creamer and not-good-for-me-stuff in it. *sigh* Back at the kids’ table.]

Long-time loves:

Coca-Cola with vanilla, milk duds, raw veggies with Ranch dip, Seinfeld, Law & Order SVU, Criminal Minds & House reruns, books that make me cry or laugh or think deep thoughts, squares on my wall calendar that have no writing on them, Marvel movies, sleeping in:)

Thanks for stopping by!

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